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Calming Lavender Bars

Calming Lavender Bars

So this just happened.. I made the best raw bars ever!!! They not only taste super decadent, they are also so good for you. Nut free, composed of seeds, tahini, a touch of honey and of course the secret ingredient lavender.

Lovely Lavender calms the nervous system and disinfects bacteria in the digestive tract. This beautiful purple flower not only smells amazing but she also brings a peaceful vibration to your soul and surroundings. She brings ease and sweetness to our lives.. so how could i not add her to these crunchy bars?!

These bars are perfect to relive menstrual pain, as an effective anti-depressant and for soothing a broken heart.

Calming Lavender Bars
Makes about 16 bars

1 cup raw pumpkin seeds
1 cup raw sunflower seeds
1 cup hulled hemp seeds
2 Tbsp. poppy seeds
pinch vanilla bean powder
pinch sea salt
1-2 Tbsp. dried lavender flowers
1 cup raw tahini
1/4 cup raw  honey, or sweeter of choice
2 Tbsp. virgin coconut oil, melted

In a food processor add the seeds, vanilla powder, salt and lavender flowers. Blend until mixed.

Add the tahini, honey and melted coconut oil. Blend until the dough starts to come together.

Transfer the mixture to a tray lined with baking paper. Press firmly (using the back of a large spoon or spatula rubbed with a little coconut oil really helps). Once smooth and even, generously sprinkle the top with the extra lavender flowers if you wish. Place in the fridge or freezer to firm up, then slice into bars or triangles and enjoy. Store the bars in a tightly sealed container in the fridge or freezer.


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Nourishing Nettle Pesto

Imagine that there was a food that was so Nourishing that by eating it you would be filled with vital minerals and nutrients. Got a good fix of protein. Strengthened the adrenals, kidney and lungs. Boosted your immunity and helped with recovery from allergies and debilitating chronic conditions.

That this amazing food increased your focus, opened the heart and supported much needed self-worth.  Wouldn’t you be eating this everyday?! And you can! Consciously of course, because as the story goes :

“Originally wild nettles, now covered in stinging formic acid and other phytochemicals, looked completely different than the weedy green plant we know today. Nettle was a magically attractive plant, so obviously full of rich blessings that people and even animals took undue advantage of her, harvesting too much without gratitude or respect. She was bright and shining to look at – the color of gleaming gold (and we know how some people act around gold).

Finally nettles called out to Creator for help, concerned for her own life and well-being. Creator thought and thought, and finally turned nettles into her current form for her own protection, hiding her riches under scruffier, simpler green skin and irritating exudations. Nettles still gets to give her gifts to people, animals, and land, and so fulfill her purpose on Earth, but people can’t simply come and take from her without gratitude and respect anymore. The story ends with a sentiment that now only those with the eyes to see are able to see nettles’ true “heart of gold.”

This story appears in the book Song of the Seven Herbs by Walking Night Bear and Stan Padilla. And I first read about it in

Nettles are without a doubt one of my favorite herbs to use in cooking. It has a mild taste and they are extremely versatile.

Nourishing Nettle Pesto


Makes a cup or more


1 bunch Nettles

1/2 cup pine nuts, lightly toasted

1 bunch basil

1/4 cup nutritional yeast

1 garlic clove

pink salt, to taste

1/2 cup olive oil, more if needed


Blanch the nettles in simmering water for 90 seconds (cover with a lid so nothing good escapes). Remove from heat. Strain nettles and blot dry. Save water for tea, as stock for a soup, hair rinse, water for plants..

Place Nettles and remaining ingredientes in a food processor. Blend until desired consistency is achieved.

Transfer to a glass jar or eat immediately. Lasts for a week in the refrigerator.


We like to use this delicious pesto over fresh pasta, roasted veggies, dilute in more olive oil and use as a dressing, let your intuition guide you.



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Aprenda a fazer Pão Natural

Desenvolvi este curso para ajudar a desmistificar o processo de fazer pão em casa.
Se gosta de pão, mas tem dificuldade em encontrar pão saudável e saboroso, tem curiosidade em saber quais os processos de fazer pão do zero e se sempre quis aprender como fazer pão em casa de uma maneira rápida, saudável e eficaz este curso é para si!


  • Tudo sobre Fermento; as diversas variedades e como as utilizar;
  • A utilizar uma variedade de farinhas alternativas ao trigo comum, com e sem gluten;
  • Fazer Pão caseiro de uma maneira prática, rápida e eficaz;
  • Fazer pão que não a vai deixar inchada nem com azia;
  • Truques e dicas que a vão ajudar a fazer o melhor pão possível, saudável e saboroso. Alem de aprender maneiras eficazes de poupar tempo e conseguir ter pão fresco e quentinho todas as manhãs.



4 receitas únicas de pão com e sem glúten; para o dia a dia; dias especiais; com legumes e doce adoçado naturalmente.

  • Pão de sementes para o dia a dia;
  • Pão de legumes sem glúten;
  • Pãezinhos doces recheados com amêndoa, canela e chocolate;
  • Pão de cenoura e batata doce.

Compre aquí

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Gingered Squash Soup

Mafalda Gingered Squash Soup

Try this warming soup that helps to keep you warm and glowing.




1 medium Kabocha or Butternut squash
4 carrots, chopped
1 onion, chopped
1 Tbsp. fresh ginger, grated
2 cups water
1 can of coconut milk
1 Tbsp. raw, organic honey, optional
1 Tbsp. hemp seeds / link directo loja
Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Roast squash in the oven at 200C (375 deg. F), until knife slides in easily, about 25-30 mins
  2. Heat olive or coconut oil in a pan. Add carrots and onion, sauté until golden.
  3. Add honey, hemp seeds, and water to the pan and simmer until soft and tender. Add ginger, salt, and pepper.
  4. When carrots are tender, remove from heat. Transfer to a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. Add coconut milk, if needed, to achieve the desired consistency.
  5. Garnish with red pepper flakes, pumpkin seeds, splash of coconut milk, and a drizzle of olive oil.



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Coconut Turmeric Mood-boosting Bars

Mafalda Coconut Turmeric Mood-boosting Bars 01
Mafalda Coconut Turmeric Mood-boosting Bars

The month of December is here, and sometimes stress gets the best of us (black Friday anyone?!) I created these mood-boosting bars spiked with Mucuna a natural antidepressant to elevate the spirits and Ashwagandha to alleviate stress and anxiety. Its so delicious and effective that I had to share.

Great for a pre- or -post Christmas shopping snack (or weekend morning pick-me-up) these delicious and highly addictive bars (there was a lot of nibbling during the making of these babies) are infused with the new-it-powder-everyone-is-talking-about, our nº 3 Blend, a natural source of happy vibes containing a high dose of anti-aging antioxidants and nutrients.

These bars not only taste insanely good but they won’t lead to a crash like the stamina-promising artificial supplements and store bought bars that contain a ton of sugars. Some more added bonuses of this nº3 Blend? It’s an inflammation reducer, heart protecter, cancer fighter, metabolism booster and contains the amino acid L-theanine, which supports calm alertness. And we could all use some of that.

Honorable mention goes out to the almonds, cashews and hemp seeds for their sources of fiber, healthy fats and plant based proteins that also contain sustainable energy properties.

Now go get your smile on!

Click here to see all the recipe.

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Chocolate raspberry cake

This is such a treat! A brownie base filled with whole raspberries and coated with a chocolate cheesecake.


Brownie Base
2 cups of activated almonds 1/2 cup of desiccated coconut 1 tbls of cacao nibs 1/2 tsp of raw vanilla powder Pinch of pink salt 1 cup of pitted Medjool dates 1 tbls of melted cacao butter or coconut oil

Line a square baking pan with parchment paper. Set aside. Place almonds and coconut in a food processor. Blend until you obtain a fine meal. Add remaining ingredients and process until the mixture comes together. Spread the mixture, evenly, on the bottom of the prepared pan. Place in the fridge while you make the filling.

Chocolate cheesecake filling
2 cups of soaked cashews 3/4 cup of melted Cacao butter 1/4 cup of coconut cream 2 – 3 tbsp of raw cacao powder 1/4 cup of raw agave or sweetener of choice 1/2 tsp of Raw vanilla powder Pink salt More Coconut cream if needed

Place all the ingredients in a high speed blender. Blend on high until mixture is smooth and creamy. If needed add more coconut cream to help achieve the right consistency. To build your cake; spread 1 cup of raspberries on top of the brownie base. Cover with the chocolate cheesecake mixture. Keep in the fridge for 1 hour or until firm.